Training: Supporting Children With ADHD In The Classroom
Do you have children in your school with diagnosed or suspected
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD?


Please watch this 4 minute video...

Do you have:
  • Children who are disruptive but have low self-esteem
  • Stressed and frazzled staff
  • Frustrated parents
  • Children being distracted and not reaching their potential
It doesn't have to be this way
With some simple techniques and strategies, there could be:
  • ​Calm classroom
  • ​Contented staff
  • ​Satisfied parents
  • ​Children with fantastic self-belief making great progress
"Soli is an experienced teacher and SENCO. She has a great understanding of ADHD and how to ensure all children have their needs met so they thrive. Her son has ADHD so knows exactly what works"

Soli runs a successful one-off training session which gives participants real solutions: 
  • What is ADHD: The facts versus the myths
  • Why we must take this seriously: Children's emotional health is suffering and they fail to flourish which may lead to serious problems later in life
  • What we can do about it: Real practical ideas to use in the classroom, how to help all children make expected progress with their learning
Soli is passionate about giving all children an opportunity to achieve and thrive.

 If the environment, attitude and expectations within classroom are right, then every child will feel valued and then feel amazing about themselves.

A child who has great emotional health will be resilient and able to face the difficulties of life.

This specialist training will challenge the way you think about ADHD 

Your staff will be armed with the knowledge and tools to dramatically change the learning environment and help all children with ADHD to make progress and thrive.

This in turn will create a calmer learning environment for all pupils.

The SEND Code Of Practice 2015 states that schools are required to meet the needs and provide for all children. This is supported by The Equalities Act 2010.

It is now estimated by NHS England that 5% of the population may have ADHD.

Training: Supporting Children With ADHD In The Classroom
What to do now...


Soli will contact you to discuss details and arrange some first-class training for your staff and discuss your specific requirements
What people say about Soli ....
About Soli ....

Author of 'ADHD Is Our Superpower'

Soli Lazarus B.Educ (Hons) Psychology

* Soli's previous role was Special Needs Coordinator (SENCO) at a large primary school in London

Her adult son has ADHD and so knows what it's like to live with the unpredictability, chaos + fun!

* She is a fully qualified teacher with 30 years experience

* She has attended numerous ADHD courses, workshops, exhibitions and conferences

* Soli holds a current DBS certificate

* Soli is on the Barnet Partnership for School Improvement panel BPSI

* Soli is on the panel of Headstuff ADHD Liberty, an organisation to keep young people from heading down the road to addiction and crime

* She is a former Trustee of the national charity ADHD Action

* She is the author of two books with many 5* reviews on Amazon

* Soli attends the All Party Parliamentary Group on raising awareness of ADHD amongst MPs

* Her consultancy Yellow Sun delivers support and advice to parents of children with ADHD. She offers 1:1 personalized coaching 

* Soli runs The  Together Stronger Club an online membership for parents

* Soli writes a regular blog and produces a podcast and has contributed to Huffington Post, Medium and SEN Specialist Magazines


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